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Since I have started working with Scott and the team at Impact I have definitely noticed a huge improvement in my mobility and strength. Scott has helped educate me on how my body works and has tailored fitness programs that address my needs. The one big thing that I love about Impact is that no matter what fitness level you are everyone at Impact is referred to and treated as an athlete. This positive environment and encouragement by the Impact team motivates you not only during your workout but also outside of the gym in making healthier lifestyle choices.

Sean Olson

Scott is very passionate about making one's body and mind perform better than imagined and with his knowledge and training, he is an excellent resource for life changing, beneficial teaching.

David Mehaffey

Great place to train! I am moving better and getting stronger all the time! Always new movements to keep workouts challenging and adapted to each individual's progress.

Elyssa McFarland

I love working out at Impact! Scott has a big picture approach to fitness and makes sure we cover everything--flexibility, strength, endurance. He is great at explaining and demonstrating each movement and gives personal feedback to make sure you have correct form and are getting the most out of the workout. He will push you to do more than you think you can but is also quick to help modify if needed. Great place to go for overall fitness!

Amy Clove

“Scott’s personalized coaching to improve my range of motion and strengthen my weaknesses, is exactly what I was looking for to make a positive impact on my tennis game! He challenges me, but always keeps it FUN! The best part is that I always feel so loose and relaxed; ready to take on my next tennis match or CrossFit workout after working with Scott!

Cindy Klebe

USACE Park Ranger & USPTA Tennis Coach

Went to my first class yesterday! I really enjoyed the workout and the one on one attention. If you're looking for a new place to workout this is the place! I will definitely be back.

Eddie Colon